Location: The place Nkalinzi or Kalinzi is located in the middle of the main road, which comes from the headquarter of Kigoma Region towards the boarder of the neighbouring country of Burundi.
(30 km North of Kigoma, 24 km South of the boarder crossing point of Burundi). Nkalinzi is a n important traffic area, because even the main road from the interior of the Kigoma-Region to Lake Tanganyika stretches from eastern direction towards the West through Nkalinzi. At this place you find the biggest eastern market. Moreover, Nkalinzi is also an important centre for regional communication.

Place in 5 km und 10 km-radius: Matyazo, Mkabogo, Lusaba, (5km)
Nyarrubanda. Mkabogo (10 km).
Population in General in10 km radius : about 35.000 Residents,
Area/surface of 10 km radius: 324 square km.


Nutrition basis: Agriculture (Subsistence economy): Cultivation of cassava, beans, tomatoes, maize, bananas.
The surplus is sold in the eastern market
Cash Crops: good coffee growing areas.


The ruling party in the area has offered its houses to the Medical Mission Support (MMS) for health work. That house is found at the main junction of the road from Kigoma towards the boarder of Burundi.

Number of patients per year: 7000-8000 Patients, of whom ¾ is in the age between 0-15 years.


The income obtained from the treatment costs is used to meet renting costs and salaries for workers. Medicine is mainly obtained from Tanzania and Kenya (MEDS). The cost for medicine is covered by financial support from Germany.


Diseases that happen:
The list of diseases that happen:
Malaria, worm diseases, diarrhoea, lungs infections, bronchitis,
bilharzia, bladder and urinary tract infections, skin diseases, eye diseases, etc.