Medical Mission Support helps 2 Dispensaries in the Kigoma-Region particularly in Nkalinzi and in Bugamba.

For explanation
: The institution of a dispensary (Engl. to dispense = distribute) deals with provision of small scale services of health in the Health Sytem in Tanzania.
In order to meet the needs of the poor population, western health service structure (doctor, medical praxis, hospitals, pharmacy) has been copied in Tanzania while the nation cannot support this structure (because this structure is too expensive, it has few medical personnel, poor infrastructure, no roads, poor means of communication).
Because of that, health stations were made countrywide to offer possibilities of health services in what is called a dispensary or ‘Dispensaire’ in French. In every big village there is a dispensary. It offers first aid in the health system of African countries.


Duties of a dispensary: Consultations (in general), treatment of diseases that happen, small surgery, caring the pregnant women, mother-child-clinic, taking care of those suffering from leprosy TB- HIV-, uncomplicated delivery, family planning, vaccination programmes, distribution of medicine/drugs. Patients with complicated diseases are transported to the hospitals (Health system of Tanzania).

Equipment: Laboratory base, Laboratory checking for the diseases that happen like Malaria, urinary tract infections, worm diseases. Ex-ray check ups, EKG, Ultra-sound check ups are not possible in those dispensaries.
A pharmacy is integrated to the facility for supply of essential drugs which are in the list of World Health Organisation (WHO).
It is estimated that in this way about 80-90% of the diseases can be treated.


Needs for personnel in a dispensary: Medical Assistant, laboratory technician, laboratory helper, nurses, midwives, Mother – Child nurses, Human resource personnel (leader), receptionist who writes cards and guide patients, administration etc), watchmen, personnel for cleanliness.

The area to be served by a dispensary: According to the regulations, for 10,000 residents (1-3 villages) there should be a dispensary, of course while considering the size of the dispensary and availability of personnel.

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