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A child who develops normally, increases his weight constantly.
What is important is to check regularly the child development by measuring the weight in order to avoid poor growth. That is why the pregnant women and mothers are regularly advised to visit dispensaries and hospitals for monitoring health of their children and theirs.

The doctor for children David Morley made the weight card (Road to Health Chart) in the 60s of the last century, the card which is used almost in all developing countries. (Such a weight card is also found in the German health documents. The charts for health in Germany and in the developing countries are dependent upon the weight card and not the other way round



The card is taken care of by the mother at home. It is brought to the clinic for the Mother- Child talk hours/office hours.
On this card there are personal data for vaccination status, diseases, health risks, time before weaning or stopping breast feeding, etc.
In every time of talk between medical experts and the mother, the actual weight and the size are filled in. On the basis of the curve weight and a deviation from normal scales, nutritional problems can be known and solved on time.
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