• Christian: We orientate ourselves to the commission of Jesus and to his healing service (Healing).
  • Intercultural: Members of our organisation come from Germany and Tanzania, in Tanzania they come from different ethnic groups.(a bowl full of people).
  • Learning together: Learning together, exchange of ideas, our ideas and resources are foundations for working together.
  • Partnership: The relationships with each other take place upon partnership level. This applies for members, staff members, but also patients who come for treatment.

  • Health of individuals, but also health of the community, for example, nowadays in Tanzania in the Kigoma and Tabora regions are given emphasis. The emphasis is on the concept of health and not on medicine. The health of people is dependent upon many factors, for example, on social and economic relations. Stable political systems are important conditions, just like living in good health, with clean water, good income, improvement of the rights of women, education, transportation facilities and respect of human rights; all these are important factors for the health of individuals and the population.
  • Primary Health Care: We are concerned with qualified health services in a remote region. As such we orientate ourselves to the principles and strategies of Primary Health Care and the guidelines of Community Based Health Care/ Development concept. The population should put itself in the position of implementing those principles of health, to analyse their situation and be ready to use the available local means to bring about changes and development.

  • Medical Mission Support (MMS): In order to practically implement this on the ground, the organisation known as Medical Mission Support (MMS) was grounded in Tanzania. In the Medical Mission Support (MMS) there are Tanzanian members who practically work in the community villages where they do several activities.
  • Our work is connected to other group organisations, which have similar goals. We concentrate on our core activity and competences and we are ready to learn from others and to work with them (Christian Connections for International Health).
  • Moreover, we financially support the government hospital in the region through contribution of money. This seems to us to be sensible and in line with our goals as more important than building our own hospital. The Doctor in Charge of the Regional Government Hospital is also a member of the Board of MMS in Kigoma.

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  • Education and further education: We support education and further education of our staff members, at the moment, we finacially support a Tanzanian student to pursue medical studies. With regard to education of staff members there is also spiritual care and counselling. Our service is for all people, irrespective of colour, religion and culture and irrespective of social status; Our goal is to give priority to the poor people.
  • We avoid to employ Europian staff members to work in Africa. The salary of one year, which must be given to the German Doctor can finance 10 Tanzanian Doctors. The Tanzanian leader for our work in Tanzania is financed from Germany, others who are financed include the Evagngelist and the Pastor who work as spiritual counsellor. Through income obtained from treatment of sick people in the dispensaries of Nkalinzi and Bugamba some running costs are partly covered, e.g. salaries of the dispensary staff.

  • Quality: In 2002/2003 we started to deal with measures of quality assurance for our work. For that case, we developed the assessment curve. The curve is worked upon by workers in Kigoma yearly, eventually, that assessment is presented to the board members in Tanzania and Germany for discussion. The assessment of work is based on the criteria for structure and process of quality. General Characteristics, medical and technical equipment, motivation for staff members, acceptability in the community, working together with the local church congregants, education and further education, communication and reports, missionary and evangelistic orientation are also considered in that assessment.

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  • Change of Consciousness: The Consciousness grows, to the extent that the worldwide problems become close to us in Germany. We are used to helping people willingly for changes far away in Africa. But changes and development in Africa demand changes in Germany first. That is why we deal with some questions in Gerrmany: How can we as Christians in Germany be trustoworthy?. How can we change our ways or styles of living? Where must we change or be ready to be changed? While thinking abouth these questions, we must be aware of the chances for growth of our common responsibility and effectiveness of our assistance.
  • The name „Medical Mission Support “ is grounded in the history of our work. Out of reasons for continuity we decided to maintain this name for the time being.Events in the process: We are of the opinion that our work is an event in the process which is sustainable for long term development.
  • The name „Medical Mission Support “ is grounded in the history of our work. Out of reasons for continuity we decided to maintain this name for the time being.