The Medical Mission Support (MMS) sees itself as a part of a global Christianity which has set itself a concrete task.
Jesus Christ is central to our belief and actions. Feeling associated with established and free churches in various ways, we are guided and motivated by the all-encompassing love of Jesus and His unlimited affection for the world. Welcoming and credible, we see the whole human being and want to do our part so that God’s authority is experienced in the structures of our world. In our commitment to peace and justice, spiritual well-being and physical health are inseparable. Thanks to increasing contacts and in cooperation with our Tanzanian members we offer financial and logistic support to various projects in Tanzania and in Kenya. Mutual learning and the exchange of ideas and experience are central to the work of our charity. Therefore we focus on the continuing improvement of living conditions, which is independently planned and maintained by local members. Decisions regarding activities and projects are made solely in the country itself.

The members of the Medizinische Missionshilfe/Medical Mission Support (MMH/MMS) feel personally accountable to the Evangelical Alliance, but work within the Ecumenical Movement with all established churches, missionary societies, independent and state institutions who support our activities.