Our name:
In Germany: Medizinische Missionshilfe e.V.- Medical Mission Support (MMH/MMS)
In Tanzania: Huduma Ya Madawa ya Kimisioni- Medical Mission Support (HYMK/MMS)

Address in Tanzania: Kigoma, P.Box 854, Tanzania, East Africa.

Headquarters in Germany:
Aachen, register of associations No. 73 VR 2622, county court Aachen. We are recognized as a charitable institution for public welfare and we have the right of receiving donations.

Place of business/activities in Germany:
Berliner Str. 57 – 35435 Wettenberg
Tel: 0049-(0)6406-834928
Email: info(at)mmhinfo.de

Board of Governors
Emanuel Mtiti, Kigoma /Tanzania, Email: emtiti(at)janegoodall.tz.org and
Gerhard Schoeps /Heimsheim/ Germany, Email: Gerhard.schoeps(at)MMHinfo.de
Board Members:
In Tanzania:
Gideon Kibambai, Kigoma, email: gkibambai@yahoo.com
Malcam Lugayo, Kigoma, email: lugoye46@yahoo.com

In Germany:
Dr. Gerd Propach, Wettenberg, eMail: Info(at)mmhinfo.de
Dr. Günter Scherer, Aachen, eMail: guenter.scherer(at)MMHinfo.de
Richard Mang, Worms, eMail: richard.mang(at)MMHinfo.de

Treasurer: Dr. Günter Scherer/ Tax consultant Arnfried Flitsch

Address/ Dispatch: Thomas and Kerstin Stroh, Wettenberg, email: tkstroh(at)MMHinfo.de

Graphic arts and Design: Helmut Pfindel, Wettenberg, email: helmut.pfindel(at)MMHinfo.de

Internet/Website design: Helmut Pfindel, Dr. Gerd Propach (Texts)

Main areas/focus of our work in Tanzania and Kenya:
Kigoma region, in the far west of Tanzania:
2 Dispensaries, 20 Tanzanian co-workers in general, Community Based Development, AIDS/HIV Program, Workshop-“natural medicine”, mother-child clinic, supporting the government hospitals in Kigoma and Tabora, supporting health work of the Anglican diocese Ukunda (Kenya), Supporting the Community Health Groups in Golini and Mwazumalume.

Our logo shows the African continent, script or paintings of our name in the German and English languages; it shows also the main areas of our work. Meanwhile, we have obligations of doing concrete assignments or activities. When we outline the picture of the African continent, we mean that we have a view beyond our small work as we consider the whole situation of the African continent and we understand ourselves as a part of the worldwide Christianity. That is why we get information about the current global themes and fields of problems concerning the areas of development policies, health, population growth etc.

Media and Publication: The whole work takes place in Germany on voluntary basis. That is why our public work is limited. With the MMH-report we publish a magazine1 to 2 times a year, the magazine that can be offered free of charge to those who are interested. Besides actual reports we publish our own presentations, essays, reports and experiences about health work of the church and mission. We also offer information about actual questions and problems of development policies concerning medical mission. The appearance of MMH/MMS Internet has increasingly become meaningful. These areas are complemented by email reports (mmh-report online) that are regularly sent to friends and members per emails.

Services: We help other groups and organisations with our knowledge and possibilities whenever we are in a position of doing so. We have translated and made publications regarding the area of natural medicine and AIDS/HIV in Swahili. We have revised and printed leaflets, which are spread in Tanzania for village development regarding different problems in community life (violence in marriage, divorce, human rights etc). Up to now there are three editions of the journal from us called Contact; it has been translated into German, together with the DIFÄM (German Institute for Medical Mission), which has been published in Tübingen. A “Tanzania-Play” shows with joke the unequal chances in which those who are born in the so called third world are compared with people in the industrial countries. In Tanzania we offer workshops and seminars about natural medicine for the village communities. In Germany we teach about our work to house circles, church congregations and those who are interested. A course about the theme of “Global Health Training/Education” is being prepared.