The Medizinische Missionshilfe (MMH/MMS), founded in 1989 ,is a group of Christians of different faiths, communities and traditions from Germany and Tanzania. Officially registered as a non-profit making charity since 1989, the aim of the charity is to guide and support African Christians, churches and communities in their efforts to develop themselves . Many active and independent communities and churches in Africa are trying to improve their deteriorating living conditions. They want to demonstrate their hope in Christ. Often however, they do not have the necessary means.

In 1995 the Medical Mission Support (MMS) was founded in Tanzania. This alliance of Tanzanian Christians works in health care and development. Both groups, Medizinische Missionshilfe and Medical Mission Support offer a “Christian intercultural medical health service”. We exchange our ideas and thoughts, develop and set mutual targets. Some of the German members have worked in various fields in developing countries. Some of our Tanzanian members have gained qualifications in development aid in academic institutions and training centres in Tanzania, Europe and the USA.

In Germany the work is coordinated by a board which convenes several times a year and is responsible for the contact with Africa. The work In Tanzania is coordinated by the African board of MMS. Decisions about activities and projects are made only in Tanzania.

The general meeting guides and advises the board in its work. The charity regularly provides members, friends and supporters with information. In the annual MMS-Report we describe our work, give current news, report on fundamental topics and provide background information. On request and by invitation board members report to communities and groups on the work in Tanzania and Kenya. A regular exchange of information takes place with the MMS in Tanzania.

The charity is supported by a group of friends in Germany made up of individuals, church congregations and organisations, as well as communities and free churches. Membership is open to everyone who supports our aims and working methods.

The charity is a member of Christian Connections for International Health, the Alliance Against Aids (Aktionsbündnis gegen AIDS) and of the Tanzanian Network. In Germany we are linked to DIFÄM (German Institute for Medical Mission) in Tübingen and to anamed (Campaign for Complimentary Medicine in the Tropics). In Tanzania we work closely with TACARE (Lake Tanganyika Catchment, Forestation and Education), an institution associated with the Jane Goodall Institute. We also work with the Anglican diocese of Western Tanganyika and the Anglican diocese of Tabora, and theTanganyikan Mission Press (TMP) in Tabora/Kipalapala and with the African Inland Mission (AIM) in Kenya.

Close cooperation with: Crossnetwork and with Center of Global Health.



The prospects look gloomy:
Poverty, hunger, environmental destruction, debts, population explosion, streams of refugees, social injustices determine the lives of so many people, especially in Africa. Also, native Christians are therefore affected. Many lively and independent communities and churches in Africa are constantly trying to improve the living conditions which are worsening. They want to make people aware of their Christian hope. But often they lack the most necessary means.


The Medical Mission Support / Huduma Ya Madawa ya Kimissioni -

is a group of Christians from different denominations in Tanzania and Germany. Some have worked in the developing countries, in different fields. The organisation's aim is to accompany African churches and communities in their efforts.
We believe in the salvation in Jesus Christ and in the love of God to all men. We are of the conviction that Christian belief cannot be reduce to the salvation of the individual. If we want to take the Gospel serious, we cannot let the question pass what the Christian message says about important problems of our time. This message becomes credible if we show solidarity towards the requirements of life of the disadvantaged.


We find two points of view important:
1. The condition for our help is the personal responsibility of the local people. We count on the ability of the native population. It is not up to us to plan and to decide. We just want to contribute to other people discovering and developing their possibilities with which they can change their living situations themselves. That is important to us, that is where we want to help.

2. The conscience grows that the world-wide problems are closely related to ours. We are in the western part of the world pro changes in Africa. But, the condition for changes there are changes here with us.
How can we as Christians live differently here? Where can we or do we have to change our ways of living? Where should we let ourselves be changed? In the thinking about these questions lies the chance that our co-responsibility grows and our help works.

Help that arrives — that's what it could look like: