The Christian Understanding of Healing

In the German Institute for medical mission (DIFÄM) in Tübingen there was a consultation which took place in 1964 with a focus on the question concerning the Christian commission for healing. This consultation was initiated by the department of World Mission and Evangelisation of the Ecumenical Council of Churches and the Commission for World Mission of the Lutheran World Federation in order to explain if the Christian – Medical Service is different from the work of secular service organisation.

Point of Departure from the theses of the Tübingen Consultation in 1964

The Christian Understanding of the Healing Ministry

.The Christian Church has a special assignment on the area of healing.
This means that the Church’s understanding of healing is associated with faith in Jesus Christ. The Church cannot exempt herself from the responsibility of healing and leave it to the other organisations.

2. The speciality of Christian understanding of health (total health in the sense of safety ) and healing are meant for salvation and healing according to God’s plan of salvation of humankind.
The Christian understanding of healing begins in the first place with the understanding of the Jesus’ impact on healing. Jesus’ impact on healing was a sign of the intervention of the power of God’s kingdom and dethronement of the evil’s power.


3.The Christian duty of healing is primarily assigned to the whole Christian community or congregation and those who are trained for that service.
If healing is understood this way, it will be clear that the whole congregation participates in the healing process. The congregation participates in healing by praying, by embracing every person with love, by showing practical deeds of love, and by creating possibilities for participation in Christ’s mission.

The duty of the community in the healing ministry
Disease and healing are known altogether as experiences in life.Every kind of healing comes from God.This happens no matter if healing occurs through natural means which many of us are used to or not, no matter if healing is achieved through medical means or through the so called healing by faith. This generally means that every thing which has been attained through modern medicine must lastly be understood as the healing power of God. That is why we perceive modern medicine as a gift from God, hence we use both spiritual and scientific means with equal thankfulness.

>>taken from: “The neglected dimensions- analyses on health and healing in ecumenical process” Study journal on the theme of health and healing, edited by Deutschen Intitut für Ärztliche Mission.
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