Update HIV/Aids

HIV/Aids is a global health problem which has threatened life and develeopment of many countries, especially poor countries. Since the beginning of its spread two decades ago over 20 million people have died of AIDS.
• 40 Million people live with HIV/Aids at the moment
• Last year 14,000 people were being infected each day.
• Almost half of them are between 15 and 24 years old.
• Around 50% of the new infections are women.
• Currently, 2.2 million children are infected with HIV.
• More than 500.000 children died of AIDS last year
• Over 13 million children already have lost one or both parents due to HIV/Aids.
• In Germany there are about 44.000 people who live with HIV/Aids
• 23.500 people have died due to HIV/AIDS since the beginning of the epidemy.

Source:Information letter/ AIDS-campaign 2005 (Quelle: Informationsbrief / AIDS-Kampagne 2005)