Immediately after harvest the roots of cassava are pealed and dried on the sun for 2-3 days During the rain season the roots are covered with grasses for 3-5 days. During this time the black mildew grows on these roots. Trough this process toxic parts, which are in the roots are removed.
The cassava roots are naturally bitter and you cannot enjoy them Finally, the roots are dried again for 3-4 days. The black layer, which has developed itself, must be removed by knife.


The roots are cut into small pieces that are then grinded either in the mortar or in the village machine.
In the dry seasons the dried cassava roots are put in a big pot of water for 4 days and later the roots are put on the sun and grinded just like we have mentioned above.


Auf der Kochstelle

In order to cook Ugali, the flour must be poured in the boiling water and stirred until the tough mass is made, which is then put on
the big plate. One eats ugali with beans, spinach, and on special days with meat, chicken-meat or fish. Also in our area, ugali is cooked with palm oil (Mawesse oil)

Gideon Kibambai