Bartholomäus Grill, expert on Africa writes saying that:

“The eating rules are simple. One eats with hands, once per day, in principle before the sun goes down, as quickly as possible, because one does not know if the bowl will be full the following day. … The environment is harsh and resources are scarce. Man depends on land, on the small portion of land, on cows; nine out of ten Africans are subsistence peasants. The basic needs are not met like in our place where every thing is subjected under regulations.”
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The picture of Tanzania’s rural agriculture is preconditioned with women and men, who apply simple tools with much effort in their fields in order to be able to feed their families in the context of changing seasons of rain and drought. Concerning the richness of the offer of the fruits and vegetables, we have put this on the page of “Fruits and vegetables of the region”. The surplus is sold in the local market. This system is called subsistence economy.


The staple food for the people in Tanzania and East Africa at large is ugali, which is made up of cassava, maize or millet flour.
Gideon Kimbai explains how “Ugali” is prepared.

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