You do not know what you should cook?
Here is some prescriptions from Kigoma- a region of Afrika:

White leaves with tomatoes

Inggredients: 1 small head of white leaves
5-6 Tomatoes
2 Onions
250 grams of mixed mincemeat or Hamburger
Oil, pepper, salt

Fry the Mixed mincemeat and cut the onions,
Fry the mincemeat with a quarter of onions,
Cook all these with salt, pepper and white leaves
For about 20-30 minutes.
In Kigoma man eats sweet potatoes with the
Above recipe, but this recipe is also delicious
When used for eating normal salty potatoes.


Chicken goulash, Recipe from Tanzania

Chicken’s chest fillet for 4 persons/ 1 Onion/ 2
Tomatoes/ Salt/ Pepper/ 2 Tea spoons of curry/200
g of desiccated coconut / Oil and rice.

Wash the chest fillet of the chicken, dry, dot and
cut them into small parts/ water the coconut flakes
and then poor water away from them/ water from
the washed coconut flakes should be pressed in the
sieve and collect the coconut water (this process is
repeated two times).

Fry the onions in oil/ put goulash and fry until it
becomes yellowy-gold/ taste with salt and
pepper/ Add tomatoes and two tea spoons
of curry/ add drops of coconut water and cook/boil.
Parallel to that according to the need cook rice.


Fresh prepared salad of cucumber, tomatoes, pepper, green salad, yoghurt, maize, parsley and dill.

Taken from “Mission in the world of Islam”, July 2005
Evangelical Karmelmission, Karl-Heinz Rath
Post office Box 30 12 29, 18113 Rostock

Entnommen „einBlick“ Magazin des Missionswerkes Bayern, 1/2006
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung (


Cooked Bananas in coconut milk (4 Persons)
2 pounds of meat (e.g cow’s meat and lamb’s meat). 4
cook bananas
1-2 cups of coconut milk
2-4 tomatoes
1-2 carrots
Garlic cloves
½ cup of oil
Lemon juice
1 middle size onions
1 cup of water
Curry, cinnamon

Fry meat with half of the oil in a deep
pan. Put Salt, lemon juice and water. Then
reduce the heat. You can heat the rest of the oil
in the second pan, 1 TL curry powder and pour
the small cut pieces of onions. With moderate heat,
steam the prepared small cook bananas (as below)
as well as small cut tomatoes and carrots. Then
put the banana-vegetables mixture to the meat
and let it simmer on the small flame until every
thing is cooked.

Fry 1-2 garlic cloves with butter in the pot. Put also
the sliced cook bananas and ½ of the TL curry
powder and cinnamon. Heat slowly, and stir all the
time, with salty spices. Simmer on the small flame
and let the cook bananas become light. If necessary
put also water.

Taken from “einBlick” Magazin des
Missionswerkes Bayern, 1/2006
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung

Maandazi (Gebäck)
4 cups of flour
2 eggs
4 Tablespoons of Sugar
1 Tee spoon of backing powder
Fat for backing

Put and mix the flour, sugar and eggs in the bowl.
Put also much milk until the dough or batter
Pulls away from the spoon. Heat the fat, and then
Put one spoon dough and back until it becomes
Gold-brown. Drip it and serve it when it is warm.

Uji (Maisbrei)
4 Tablespoons of maize flour
1 Litre of milk
Some lemon juice

Cook the milk, stir up the maize flour with some
water and put them in the boiling milk, stir up
and then put lemon juice with sugar. Uji is normally
drunk as breakfast.

Chai (Afrikanischer Tee)

2 Liters of water
2 Tee spoons of black tee
3 Cloves
3 Cardamom hasks
1 cinnamon stick of about 2-3 cm
Fresh ginger

Stamp the spices with mortar. Then
put all the ingredients in the pot for
cooking and let it be cooked for about
5 minutes. Lastly put some sugar.

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