Poor Growth, Marasmus, Kwashiorkor

Ernährugsberatung im Hospital

Causes of these
“Diseases of Hunger”
lack of protein energy.
Lack of energy is in the
first place in addition to
lack of minerals and vitamins,
especially Vitamin A.

Poor Growth: through
Little taking of energy for
a long time, slow increase of
weight and size of the body,
also being slimmer and lighter
than the age.

Marasmus: Difficult form
Of poor protein, loss of skin fat
(the face of the children turns into


Ernährungsberatung bei Hausbesuchen

Kwashiorkor: Difficult form
of lacking protein with highest
level of deaths. This happens often
after the age (between 9 months up
to 12 years). Marasmus comes first
normally. The children are too light
without weight that complies their age,
they have swelling bodies, reduced
muscle masses, slim red hair, children
are apathetic.

Due to malnutrition and body’s lacks
of protection, basic turn
over by increased taking of little
amount of nutritious food, worsening
of nutrition situation, serious infections
are experienced, e.g the increase of
Malaria, inflaming of lungs, HIV-
Infections, Tuberculoses etc.

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