Africa is known to many as a “continent of hunger”.The causes for the situation of hunger in many countries are many and they depend on climatic, ecological and economic factors. Worldwide more than a half of the agricultural food crops are produced by women. According to the estimations of the FAO (World Food Organization) women in Africa produce between 60-80 percent of agricultural products, with which basic means of life is supported, in Asia 50-60% and 30% in Latin America and Near East. However, women are the ones who are mainly affected by poverty in these regions, including Tanzania.


In Tanzania, for example, people have distorted the land by dealing with monocultures for improving exports for the world market; the same applies to the distortion of traditional structures of a caring village community life. In the country, where 80% of the population still lives in the rural areas, this kind of development is disastrous.

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