The railway Dar-es-Salaam - Dodoma - Tabora - Kigoma connects the region to some parts of Tanzania. For the neighbouring countries Zambia, Congo and Burundi there is transportational means of ships.
The roads and ways in the region are not in good situation. With exception of roads in the town of Kigoma, there are no tarmac or paved roads in other parts of the region. The linkage of the region by roads is still poor. For the road from Kigoma to Dar es Salaam, one needs 3 days (Kigoma-Kasulu-Kahama-Singida- Dodoma-Dar es Salaam or Kigoma-Mpanda- Mbeya- Iringa-Dodoma- Dar es Salaam). Kigoma has a small air strip for propeller machines. The main airport destination is Dar-es-Salaam (daily with „Precision Air“). Airplanes connections to neighbouring countries or to Arusha or Mwanza are not there.. The airpor is used by MAF und AIMair (Precision air, MAF, AIMair)


Two seasons create the rhythm of life in the region, the sequence of sowing and harvesting. From October to April/Mai it is time for rain. Sowing beginns with the coming of rains at the beginning of October. Maize and beans are planted. At the beginning of the year first harvest is to be expected. At the beginning of the new year, new plants are sown. The dry season begins in May – June and remains up to September. During this time people depend on what they harvested during the rain season. Field work or preparation of farms is not possible during the dry season. The temperatures in the rain season : 16-24 °C, in the dry seasont 20-30° C , in the high lands around 1600-18oo m, in the lower lands temperature is subtancially higher.