Geographical position, Transportation means

The Kigoma region lies in the North-Western part of Tanzania. In the North, the region borders Burundi, in the Western side, the region borders Lake Tanganyika. The neighbouring country on the other side of the lake is Congo (DRC). In the North-East, East and South, the region borders the region of Kagera, Shinyanga, Tabora und the Rukwa region. The ethnic group of those who live in Kigoma region is the Ha (Waha), the third biggest ethnic group out of 120 ethnic groups of Tanzania. The language is Kiha. The official language is Kiswahili. 
The secondary and higher education is conducted in English; the same applies at the university level and other colleges including courses for medical assistants and nurses who use English as a medium of instructions. In dispensaries, health centres and hospitals English is used by employees.

The regional headquarter is Kigoma which is the most important business place in the North Western part of Tanzania. Means of transport are connected to Dar es Salaam through the railway (duration of 36 hours, 3 times a week), Airplanes connections(daily through propeller-machines). Due to big areas of swamps and marches in the East of Kigoma, connections to Dar es Salaam by road is used with limitations. There are always ships from Kigoma to Zambia, and especially to Congo and Burundi.