Languages of Tanzania
Tanzania is a nation with about 120 different etnic groups each ethnic group with its language, that is, each language is totally different from another language. These languages belong either to Bantu people or Nilo-hamitic people/Normads.
It is a nation with so many different ethnic groups, cultures and different ways of life; it has the challenge to develop a national feeling of community life. Despite these different cultures, the nation of Tanzania has for many years succeeded to maintain political stability as a good example for Africa. This is partly a contribution of Kiswahili language as a national language (Kiswahili is a lingua franca of Africa); on the other hand, the political stability in Tanzania is a product of the founder of the nation Julius Nyerere (1922-1999).
On the following map, you will find 18 out of 120 ethnic groups and the areas where they are spoken.

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Who wants more informationa about 120 ethnic groups in Tanzania, can use the following link:

Languages of Tanzania, a list of the ethnic groups in Tanzania with detailed information of individual languages and ethnic groups


An overview map with ethnic groups and areas where languages are spoken in the West of Tanzania

An overview map with ethnic groups with areas where languages are spoken in the East of Tanzania


A Text depending on „Tanzania - A country of many people of different ethnic groups“ - Facts, Pictures, Aspects. Country information book, published by the Evangelical Missionwork in Southern Germany, Stuttgart.