Literature about Africa: there are many books, pictures, tour guide, stories and explanations, novels, Reports, commentary; books which are critically distanced, exciting, intersting, encouraging solidarity, books about hypocricy and embracing each other. The choice of the book titles is sensational and realistic.
Every one wants to know Africa and asks questions as to why does Africa experience bad things and what should be the solutions of Africa’s problems.

But are there Literature written by Africans? Is there something like African literature?
By adjustment, but more by limiting the western world, the African authors tried and still try to emphasise their cultural and religious roots.

„Black“ literature is ignored in the West. But also in the African countries African literature is not given attention. The number of readers is limited (there are higher numbers of illiterates, failure to read literature in English and French, which are foreign languages that cannot touch the hearts of the people. In most cases there are no papers and pens, especially in the publishing houses for taking care of authors and customers for book business).

Hermann Schulz, up to his retirement, he was leader of the Peter Hammer publications in Wuppertal, and he contributed to the awareness of African literature in Germany. Schulz, in Nkalinzi as the fourth child of the Gemrnan missionary, showed his efforts of bringing in Germany African literature as his contribution to mission. It is not possible to respect this contribution fairly, however, through this literature, one gets understanding of culture and spirit of life and society, of people. In 1998 he got the medal from P.E.N centre of Germany for being „an example of spreading literature from the third world“.
The following pages show some of the important titles especially from authors of East Africa. More information about African writers is found especially in the programmes of publishers of „ Peter Hammer Verlags, of the united publishers“, of Lamuv-Publications. Moreover we introduce the author Hermann Schulz and his publications. Some stories are found in the Kigomaregion and in Tanzania, we have specifically indicated this title. It shows, on one hand, the living picture of the region, which takes place in our area of health services, on the other hand it shows interconnectedness and obligations of authors in that area, which has been shown in books as a region without future and hope. The stories, which Schuz explains, are powerful and full of life. This creates hope.